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Pseudonym reading It is very difficult
Specified type Country designation
Type Historic site
Designated date January 22, 1934
Specified details
location Rikuzen Takada City Hirotacho Nakazawa Nakazawa
owner Outside the individual
Holding group
Management organization Rikuzentakata City
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It is located on the south end of the Hirota peninsula that protrudes between the Ofunato and Hirota Bays, on both the north and south slopes of the hilly area in the Hirota Bay.
Excavations were conducted from the end of the Meiji period to the Taisho period, and many human bones were excavated and became famous.
This shell mound is valuable because earthenware, stoneware, bone horns and pots from the early to late Jomon period, and further to the Yayoi period are excavated.