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Pseudonym reading Oohokazukai
Specified type Country designation
Type Historic site
Designated date August 13, 2001
Specified details
location Ofunato-shi Akasaki-cho character Odong
owner Outside the individual
Holding group
Management organization
home page Ofunato City (Kaizuka)


The historic site is located on a gentle hilly area between the Ofunato Bay and the valley east.
The shell mound is composed of the north slope and the south slope of the hill, but the small shell mound on the cliff on the west side of the north slope is A area, the bottom of the cliff is A 'area, and the shell mound on the north slope east side is B area. The shell mound on the south slope is called C area.
As a result of examining the earthenware of these districts, it is called Daidong B type, C type and A type according to the point of origin, and it is used as a standard.・ C2 · A · A ′ equation is set.
The remains include pottery and stone products from the late Jomon period to the late Jomon period, and for bone and shellfish products, fish hooks, piers, bones, hanging ornaments and shell rings are excavated.
In addition, shellfish are mainly clams, and fish are excreted with many human bones such as sharks, mackerel, tuna, yellowtail and red sea bream, mammals such as wild boar, deer, dog and fox.
Daedong shell mound is a valuable archeological site known throughout the late Jomon period for pottery.