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Pseudonym reading Mr. Kunimi
Specified type Country designation
Type Historic site
Designated date September 30, 2004
Specified details
location Kitakami city Inase-cho Uchimonoka
owner Kitakami City and others
Holding group
Management organization
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> Kunomiyama Abandoned Temple ruins were found that tile round tiles were discovered during the road repair work of 1936 (1936), and stone tiles, round pieces, pottery pieces from Heian era were found from the surroundings It was assumed that the ancient temple ruins existed because it was

The Kitakami City Board of Education conducted an excavation survey for five years from 1963 (1963), and as a result, confirmed that it was an ancient large-scale mountain temple trace.
After that, we conducted a survey of more than 20 orders until 2004 (2004), and found many remains such as a foundation stone building trace such as a tower and the Shichikando and a digging pillar building trace.
In addition, it was also found that the pottery excavated was older than the Hiraizumi temples at the end of antiquity, and the ruins of the ruined temple of Kunimiyama were mountain temple ruins built before the 12th century.

According to the survey up to now, it is clear that the ruins of Kunimiyama Abandoned Temple are the northernmost mountain temple ruins in the country, and the area has been a base of religious activities continuously from ancient times to modern times and modern times.