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Pseudonym reading Taku no Iwaya
Specified type Country designation
Type Historic site
Designated date March 2, 2005
Specified details
location Hiraizumicho Hiraizumi character Kitazawa
owner Religious corporation Tatsuya Sikoji Temple outside
Holding group
Management organization
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It is a temple established at the key point of traffic that links the city Hiraizumi, which is reportedly built by the Seiji General Shogun Sakauetamura Maru in 801, and the surrounding area.
It was prosperous in the late 12th century, such as the construction of a pond with a cobble stone revetment of a technique common to that of the pond of Chusonji Mie.
In addition, there is a majestic Buddha carved on the quay to the west of Bishamon-do.