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Pseudonym reading Japanese-style sushi
Specified type Country designation
Type Historic site
Designated date July 28, 2008
Specified details
location Oshu-shi Biwazawa-ku Wakayanagi
Holding group
Management organization
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The Oshimizu Kami Site is located on the middlemost hill of 280m above sea level, the deepest part of the Boso Fan.
The ruins are limited to the 5th era of large trees in the early Jomon period, and 62 large pit dwellings are circularly ringed with their long axis toward the center of the central square, so as to surround the central square of 20m in diameter without any structure. It is arranged in a range of about 110 m in diameter, and further outside is a small pit dwelling house and an earth pit assumed to be mainly a storage hole.
The Oshing Kamikami Site is a village that forms an annulus with the axis facing the central square, and is an extremely important site that shows its formation as an initial form of the annulus settlement that is universalized in the middle of the Jomon period.