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Pseudonym reading After the day
Specified type Country designation
Type Historic site
Designated date October 17, 2013
Specified details
location Kanegasaki
Holding group
Management organization
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The Toriumi fence trace is a remains believed to be a fence trace of Mr. Abe built near the southeastern end of the Kanegasaki terrace, located about 2.5 kilometers west-north west of the junction of the Kitakami River and the Izawa River. In addition, Izawa Castle is located in the southeastern part of the ruins, about 2 kilometers across the Kitakami River.
It is important not only to convey the situation from Abe's rise period to the heyday well, but also to know the origin of Oshu Hiraizumi culture, which is independent from the rule by the Ritsuryo state and which results in Hiraizumi. Also, along with the historical site of the historical Mt. Totlii and the historical site of historical site Yanaginosho, it is important for knowing how to live and develop in the Tohoku region and the development of urban planning.