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Pseudonym reading Gebikei
Specified type Country designation
Type Good looks
Designated date October 8, 1925
Specified details
location Ichinoseki City Higashiyamacho Nagasaka character town back
owner Outside Ichinoseki City
Holding group
Management organization Ichinoseki
home page Ichinoseki Tourism NAVI


The Vainosai Valley is a valley where thick limestone layers formed in the Paleozoic age were eroded by the water of the Sand Iron River.
The gorge is surrounded by cliffs and cliffs about 100m high, and the water of the sand iron river which flows through it flows quietly, and there are many waterfowls, including fish, such as yamame, haya and ayu. It is a scenic spot where natural conditions are well preserved, such as the appearance of
The cliffs and hillsides facing the river are covered with rich hardwoods, with white thread waterfalls in places, and the caves open.
Near the end, there is a large limestone cliff with a limestone rocky mass (starch cave) in the middle.
Because it resembles the shape of a lion's nose, it was named a rabbit nose.