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Pseudonym reading Matsuda Takada
Specified type Country designation
Type Good looks
Designated date November 13, 1940
Specified details
location Rikuzentakata City Takadacho Character Furukawa, Kesen Town Character Sagomori
owner Rikuzentakata City
Holding group
Management organization Rikuzentakata City
home page Rikuzentakata City Tourist Association


At the south end of Rikuzentakata city area and at the bottom of the large Hakata Bay in the south, there is a large Yumihama of about 2.5km east to west made of earth and sand carried by the Kesen River.
About 1.8 km west of this sandy beach constitutes the magnificent graceful Matsubara of the Japanese black pine with pines, and is valuable as one of Japan's few Matsubaras.
Under the forest of Matsubara, beach plants such as Hama-pea, Hama-bou-fu and Kobo-omu-gi paint a sandy beach.
Originally, this Matsubara was run by the great merchant Shogun Tonosuke Kono of the former Samurai era land to protect against the tidal damage, and moved the Kanbun 6 Date (1667) master lord Date Nazoku for the defense of the back ground, with the help of Samurai and the cooperation of local people After planting 6,198 pine trees in the 7th year of the same year, they then put their hand over many years and performed replanting to become the present figure.