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Pseudonym reading I'm going to take a shot of a bird's head, a bird's eye is going to be a bird's head, a headpiece, a finger's head, a finger's head, a cancer, a ring, a leaf, a tooth
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Type Good looks
Designated date July 28, 2006
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owner Hanamaki City, Oshu City, Shizukuishi Town, Takizawa Village, Sumita Town
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home page Commentary page of "the landscape site of Ihatobe" of Hanamaki city homepage "Kamabuchi Falls"
Commentary on "Landscape of Ihatov" on Hanamaki City Website "British Coast"
Commentary page of "the landscape site of Ihatobe" on the Hanamaki city homepage "The Olympic Ring"


Many of the scenic landscapes that represent the unique climate of Iwate Prefecture appear in the works of Kenji Miyazawa (1896- 1933), a representative poet and fairy tale writer in Japan.
They are the places that make up "Ehattob" that Kenji named as the ideal ground, and are loved by many people in Japan because they still convey beautiful scenery.