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Pseudonym reading English name
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and animals
Designated date December 22, 1976
Specified details
location Iwaizumicho Yasuya, Iwasen, Okawa, Kamazuda
owner Outside Iwate Prefecture
Holding group
Management organization
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Golden eagles are large dark brown eagles that often inhabit alpine mountainous areas, nesting mainly on inaccessible rock walls of humans and beasts and laying 2 eggs, of which only 1 is often said to nest.
In Iwate Prefecture, nesting starts from the end of February, and spawns from the end of February to March, and it turns into a chick in April, and nests in around June.
As feeds of chicks at the time of rearing, juveniles of antelopes and the like are known in addition to hare, pheasant, and yamadori from the survey of the bones of animals immediately under the nest.
The range of action for parents to feed at the time of breeding was around 2 km in Iwaizumi district.
Parents of golden eagles whose breeding is over, their home range becomes remarkably wide, and the range is hard to distinguish.
Golden eagles are very few and scientifically valuable birds, and the current conservation of breeding grounds is particularly necessary.