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Pseudonym reading Squid
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and plants
Designated date April 8, 1927
Specified details
location Hanayama City Towacho Kamiyamada
owner Hanamaki
Holding group
Management organization Hanamaki
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It is located in Ishihatoka, Kamikoyamada, Towa Town, Hanamaki City.
This chestnut has an unusual flowering habit of attaching female flowers to all the flower spikes.
Originally, all chestnut flower ears have male flowers except that female flowers are attached to the base, but this chestnut is all turned female flowers by sex conversion.
After pollination, each female flower becomes extremely small iga and does not reach the formation of grains.
The raw wood is dead, and the existing one is second-generation grown by grafting.
As a result of the efforts of people involved in Hanamaki City Towa Town and others, the trees recovered and began to flower every year.