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Pseudonym reading Hanawa Tsuzumi Hana Shouguranku
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments / plants / td>
Designated date April 11, 1935
Specified details
location Hanamaki City Miyanome
owner Hanamaki
Holding group
Management organization Hanamaki
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The garland dam is about 1 km south of JR Tohoku Main Line Niibashi Station, just east of the track.
The designated area is a wetland of about 16,700 square meters, in which Nohana Shobu is crowded.
At the time of designation, there was a lot of natural water in the low-lying wetland, and Nohanasibu was grown vigorously throughout the wetland, but there was a tendency of decline due to lack of water and moisture, reeds and other wild grasses .
However, under the control of Hanamaki City, there are many flowering flowers.
The flower buds of garland are seen to change in the color of flowers such as purple, purple, reddish purple, etc., and are valuable as representative community grounds.