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Pseudonym reading Happy New Year's greetings
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and plants
Designated date February 18, 1975
Specified details
location Miyako city Monma Hayaikeminesan National Forest
owner Country
Holding group
Management organization
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Scots pine is a subarctic conifer that is vegetated in cold climate areas.
At the time of Tertiary to Quaternary Pleistocene, when the climate was colder now, Acacia spruce was growing in Honshu, but when the ice age was over and it became warm gradually, plants that favor cold climate were destroyed one after another, It only kept its remnant as a fossil.
However, in 1960, in the middle of the north side of Mt. Hayaike, around 1000-1100m above sea level in Shishizawa, it was discovered that the native tree of Abies sp.
It is estimated that about 100 strains of Akamatsu spruce found in Ishigozawa have a range of about 2 ha.
Seedlings of natural lower species are also scattered on the forest floor.
Abies spruce native land is not only a southernmost distribution site in Honshu, but it is also a scientifically valuable existence, including the meaning of the bereaved species of Akatsuki spruce that were considered extinct.