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Pseudonym reading Iwai Mizukatsu and Bat
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and geological minerals
Designated date December 14, 1938
Specified details
location Iwaizumicho Oji Iwasen
owner Outside the individual
Holding group
Management organization Iwaizumi
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Iwaizumi Caves (Ryokusen-dong) is a limestone cave located in the eastern part of Mount U-sa-dong (625 m), and a large amount of clean water flows from the cave into a river.
The entire cave is not surveyed and unconfirmed.
Geological survey in this area shows that the thick strata surrounding the cave are flanked by the Mesozoic limestone layer, and the medieval layers consisting of slate, sandstone, and chert are arranged in a band along the northwest traveling on both sides.
In the cave, there is a cave cave made of such geology, and a varied cave and cave have developed.
In addition, there are bats and other small animals in the cave, and bats are designated as natural monuments along with the caves.
Bats are inhabited by caves called bat holes, which include long-eared rabbit bats, complex-structured nose bats, and a slightly smaller, slightly ventilated, brown-faced bat. , A scientifically valuable bat is inhabited.