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Pseudonym reading I have a long time ago cancer
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and geological minerals
Designated date September 7, 1939
Specified details
location Ofunato City Suesakicho Character West Hall
owner Country
Holding group
Management organization Ofunato
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Tategasaki horned rock dykes are located at the tip of a small peninsula that extends south from the Nishikan area on the west side of the Suesaki Peninsula, Ofunato City.
The geology near this dyke is the one in which the dike of hornstone has entered diagonally into the sea cliff which shows a beautiful alternation of sandstone and shale.
The dike is somewhat protruded from the surrounding rock formations because the hornstone rock is hard, but the lower base is not seen as it is buried in the coral layer of the beach.
The size of the protrusion is 9 cm 50 cm in length, 95 cm in maximum strike direction, about 40 cm in thickness, and steeped at about 60 degrees into the alternating bed of Cretaceous sandstone and shale.
Dikes of igneous rock are often seen, but there are few cases where dike is dike in Japan.
This dike is an angular value and has high academic value because it can be projected from surrounding strata to know the whole situation.