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Pseudonym reading Sakiyamano Shiofukiana
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and geological minerals
Designated date September 7, 1939
Specified details
location Miyako-Shizaki Chigasaki
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization Miyako
home page Miyako-shi (sea bream hole)


Sakiyama's Shiobao is located slightly north of Hijijima and below the bedrock that slopes down into the sea.
The geology around this area is developed by Middle Cretaceous conglomerate and partly sandwiching sandstone formations.
In this conglomerate, a clear joint has developed from the beach to land.
Erosion proceeds along this joint surface, and particularly in the vicinity of the sea surface, the lower part is deeply deepened to form a sea cave, a part of the joint surface is expanded from the top and bottom, and a hole is finally formed through It is
The squirt hole is about 10 m from the weir and the height above the sea level is 5 m.
The hole has a spindle shape with a length of 2 m 50 cm and a maximum width of 65 cm on the upper surface, but the lower part becomes gradually narrower and triangular.
The height of the spouted sea water differs considerably depending on the height of the waves, but when the waves are high it reaches 30m or more and is spectacular.
The tidehole is also found outside, but the size of the tide is spectacular and representative of the tidehole in Sakiyama.