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Pseudonym reading I would like to see you
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and geological minerals
Designated date February 21, 1941
Specified details
location Ichinohe-cho Anemone / Kotoriya / Rebel Zone
owner Country
Holding group
Management organization Ichinohe
home page Ichinohe Town (visiting cultural assets in Ichinohe Town)
Gosho No Jomon Park (Introduction of designated cultural assets in Ichinohe town)


The Neogene is widely distributed in the upper Ma'am River area.
A large number of well-preserved silicified trees are buried in the lower ranks of the four role formations, the Mabuchi River, the Hirai River, the Nebisu riverbed and the riverbank in the sister zone, Kotoriya, and Nebuchi ground.
The Yotsumi Formation mainly consists of sandstone, shale, tuff and conglomerate, and silicified wood is contained in the tuff, but it is exposed due to erosion of the river.
The silicified trees in this area are quite upright, and they were buried in the area where trees were inhabited at the time, indicating that they are sedimentary in nature.
There are many species of tree species, such as sequoia and shimakome followed by beech, followed by spruce, maple, oak, zelkova, tuboki and walnuts.
As in this case, well-preserved, widely distributed, and numerous locations are rare and have high academic value.