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Pseudonym reading Cuckold Oiwaya
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and geological minerals
Designated date February 19, 1943
Specified details
location Shizukuishi-cho Nishiyama character Higashi-Soneda
owner Country
Holding group
Management organization
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Oiwaya in Kameda is located in the southwestern part of Mt. Iwate, the branch of Sasakawa, and the left bank of the middle reaches of the Kameda River.
It is generally called Baeng-dong, but the rock that makes it here is not basalt, but olivine-angite andesite.
This rock has a magnificent columnar joint that forms a cliff, and is found in a mountain stream, and erosion of river water makes the lower part a cave.
The cliff is 70m high and 160m wide, and the cave is about 10m high, about 40m wide and about 10m deep.
Such columnar joints often appear in volcanic rocks such as andesite, basalt and rhyolite.
The pillared joints of Oiwaya in Shikeda are not particularly large, but the scenery standing soberly by the clean river is superb.