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Pseudonym reading Higuchizawa Doluka Kaseki Sanchi
Specified type Country designation
Type Natural monuments and geological minerals
Designated date May 8, 1957
Specified details
location Ofunato City For City-wide character upper board
owner Individual
Holding group
Management organization Ofunato
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The limestone is exposed as you move hundreds of meters west along Sichuan, one branch of the Morikawa River.
This is called Hakuguchi Sawa Limestone, in which Gotlandian (now called Sylrian) fossils can be found.
This Gotland Period was discovered in 1937 as the oldest strata of our country.
This is revealed from the standard fossils contained in limestone, and the discovered fossils include various species such as brachiopods such as hyacinth corals, hyacinths corals, four corals, strata foraminifera, atripa, calcareous algae, etc. Moreover, it is well preserved.
The Higuchizawa Gotland fossil production area is famous all over the country as the first Clirian spot in Japan and as a sign site, and its geological value is extremely high.