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Pseudonym reading Genkikei
Specified type Country designation
Type Scenic spot and natural monument
Designated date September 5, 1927
Specified details
location Ichinoseki City Akemi-cho character waterfall Nogami
owner Outside Ichinoseki City
Holding group
Management organization Ichinoseki
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Amamikei is a valley created by the Asai River, which originates from Kurikoma Mountain (Sukawadake), a branch of Kitakami City, and is about 2 km around the center of Amami Town.
A river terrace with a height of about 20 m is followed on both sides of the valley, waterfalls, rapids and abyss are continuous on the riverbed, and numerous large and small pits can be seen especially in the bedrock bedrock.
When a pit is created in the bedrock of a riverbed, a gutter is a pot or gutter-like recess that is formed by the gravel that has entered it being rotated by water flow and gradually eroding the surroundings.
This rock, which shows massive columnar joints, is a relatively hard rock with quartz andesite tuff (also referred to as cemented tuff) belonging to the Neogene Amami Formation, but pits are formed in this rock.
The fact that such a large number of pits can be seen is interesting as an indication of the process by which the river water erodes and digs the riverbed (the incision of the river).