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Pseudonym reading Hachichi Screwdriver
Specified type Prefecture designation
Designated date October 27, 1972
Specified details
quantity 1 building
location Hanamaki City Osakocho Uchikawa Mejidake
owner Hayaikemine Shrine
Holding group
Management organization
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Column line (frontage) 14.544m, cross beam (depth) 11.366m.
It is divided into inner and outer sides, and in the 5th depth, the outer 2 between the front and the inner 3 between the rear.
The roof has a facing between the front building 1 and the front panel 1.
The eaves are arranged in two common rafters, Hira Santoumi.
Two crosspieces are hung between the front center, and a grid is used between the sides, and the side is using a grid door only between the left and right sides, and the other is a board wall (only the left front side is a board door).
The floor inside is granite, and an independent round pillar is built on the foundation.
In the same year, there was a new mountain palace ridge tag in Keicho 17 (1612), and it was built by the carpenter Kishu resident New Right Amon, Ark Takumi Akita Resident Hisaburo, the same three right Amon, and then Kyoho 3 (1718) It has been repaired four years (1747).
Although there is restoration of the structure, a strong and strong method of the long-term is also left in the framework around the inner pillar, the method of the wood nose, the decoration around the main hall, etc. There is.