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Pseudonym reading Hachimanjinjahonden
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Building
Designated date May 1, 1990
Specified details
quantity 1 building
location Ichinoseki City Senjocho Senjoji Kita nozawa
owner Sato Yoshimin
Holding group
Management organization
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Attached bill line 1.313m, cross beam 0.973m.
Heading 0.63m, height about 3m.
The main shrine of Hakusan Shrine, which was located in Matsuzawa, Chikusa-cho, Ichinoseki, was transferred in 1901 in 1901 and used as the main shrine of Tohachiman Shrine.
The main hall is in a cloistered house, made of wood, colored, for a while, flowing.
The roof is a board.
Heading columns, columns are columns.
A deformed flow structure that should be called a broken flow structure where the roof of the house and the roof of the facing are broken and connected.
Ikansha Co., Ltd. belongs to the current construction, but it is a formally irregular shrine, and the bow of the goose rainbow beam is abstracted into a beast-like shape, and the bridge between the going post and the building post Rainbow beams have many features, such as a distinctive arch shape and many details.
Although it is rotten at the end of the eaves and there are also traces of repair by new timber in part, the old state is well left in the whole.
Regional colors are strong in design.
It is also an attractive piece of work.
The architectural age is estimated to be the time of the resurgence of Kanbun 3 (1633) from the viewpoint of its stylistic method.
It is valuable as a remains with a local style in the early Edo period, though it is small.