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Pseudonym reading Checklist
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Painting
Designated date September 17, 1985
Specified details
quantity 16 width
location Oishi City Mizusawa-ku Kuroishi Town Character Shohoji
owner Shohoji
Holding group
Management organization
home page Oshu City (Mizusawa Roman)


> 94.3 cm to 95.5 cm in length.
Width 45.3 cm-46.6 cm.
Each drawing is five dimensions (45.5 cm) wide, and a circle drawing, a hair drawing, etc. are ink-painted, and a layer is repeatedly drawn on flesh etc., and the super-coloring which mixed gold mud is given.
The design is very close to the important cultural property of the 16th district of Kyoto Kennin-ji Temple, and its style also touches it.
Jianin-ji Temple is a representative Luohan painting of the South-North Korea period, and a pair of Shoho-ji is considered to be a work of the same period.
It is valuable that it is transmitted in a nearly satisfactory state in all 16 widths.