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Pseudonym reading It is hard to find out
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Painting
Designated date March 31, 2009
Specified details
quantity 1 width
location Iwaizumi-cho
Holding group
Management organization
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This material is a drawing of the god of iron making, and it is the center of the faith, the god of the mountain, the tree god of fire, the god of fire, the transformation of the three treasures of the god of war. It is rare to draw along with many people involved in steel making, to draw Shitenno and many other guardian deities around it, to draw so much relationship goddesses and Buddhas so much, to draw detailed patterns of iron making and the craftsmen involved in it. In particular, this material is the only one representing the three treasures as a transformation.
It is a well-balanced, technically excellent, brilliant and elegant work as a painting technique.