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Pseudonym reading I'm sorry
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date July 25, 1956
Specified details
quantity 1 body
location Hiraizumi-cho Hiraizumi character clothing
owner Ohridin
Holding group
Management organization
home page Hiraizumi's cultural heritage


Image height 42.4 cm.
Wooden, cypress, single wooden.
It is a celestial statue holding a child in the left hand and a pomegranate branch in the right hand.
It is also known as a former devil's mother god, and it was a devil woman who caught and eats the girl of another's, but it is said that he repented, turned to Buddha law, and became a good deity who protects an infant.
Although there are few examples of Eriashi Teimari image throughout the country, this image is a valuable work that is also excellent in terms of molding.
The production age is said to be in the late Heian period.