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Pseudonym reading Other things to do
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date March 17, 1959
Specified details
location Karume town
owner Tokugakuji
Holding group
Management organization
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A wooden Yakushi Nyuri sitting statue (one body), a wooden wakidate standing statue (one body), a Yakushi Nyori sitting statue height 124.8 cm.
Wooden, Katsura, Yaki, colored.
The head torso is carved out of a wood and has an intima, but the back plate is missing.
The knee (deletion) and the left arm are pinched in another tree.
It is a Yakushi image, but the hand marks and possessions are missing.
Both light and pedestal are deleted.
Wakishima standing statue height 124.5 cm.
Apply wooden, Katsura, one wooden, coloring.
Put on the treasure chest, the crown of the crown, wear the tempura bowl, hang on the right hand, and stand with the left hand.
Both light and pedestal are deleted.
It is enshrined in Yakushido of Tokugakuji.
Yakushi Nada is damaged, but the main part remains and is valuable as a representative of the Heian period Buddha statue in the prefecture north.
The Wakimochi statue is estimated to be a moonlight mochi among the Yakushisanson, and the creation age is the same as the Honson, and is well equipped with the characteristics of the Buddha statue in the Kuchinohe region.