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Pseudonym reading Mokuzo Gouzanzoo Others
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date June 6, 1969
Specified details
quantity 1 body
location Shiba Town Toyama character Kamikofukada
owner Shoonji Temple
Holding group
Management organization
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Gunma Toriaki statue (one body) Daie Tokumei king statue (one body) King Kong Ying Yasha King statue (one body) 三 3 明 King statue image height 96.3 cm.
Wooden, Katsuragi and wooden, arms are separate.
In the four-sided statue, both arms, both shins are missing.
107.2 cm tall statue of Toriaki Gunma.
Wooden, Katsura, one wooden.
A two-legged figure with both arms and legs missing.
107.2 cm tall statue of the King Dawei Tokumei.
Wooden, Katsura, one wooden.
It is a three-sided, six-legged statue with both arms and legs missing.
Kongo Yasha King Statue statue height 97.8 cm.
Wooden, Katsura, one wooden.
In the figure of the three sides, both arms, both legs are missing.
It is one of the five great lords, but it has no immovable statue.
In Tohoku, it is in the five major halls of Matsushima (Miyagi Prefecture), but there are few other Buddhist statues.
All are made in the late Heian period.