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Pseudonym reading Bishamon Do
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Building
Designated date September 11, 1990
Specified details
quantity 1 building
location Hanamaki City Towacho Kitanarijima
owner Bishamondo
Holding group
Management organization
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It is said that Bishamondo is erected in Sakauedamura Maro or as a charity master teacher, but it is not known about its foundation and history.
The Bishamon Tenshu (Hebun), which was sculpted in the hall until recently, is a wooden colossi made in the 10th century and has long been established as an important religious institution in this area.
Although it appears in the records that repairs were made in Yuanbao (1673), there is no historical material that indicates the construction age.
However, it can be recognized that it was erected in the late Muromachi period by finishing of each part and style method.
It is a slightly large Sangen-do, with a small-sized Sanhodo, a treasure-shaped building, a teppan-eiki (from the base).
Bishamondo has a thick pillar, and the shape of Ki-no-su and Sabun-bun is generously and imposing.
It is one of the few remains in Iwate Prefecture that dates back to the Middle Ages and is of high value.