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Pseudonym reading Check out
Specified type Prefecture designation
Designated date March 23, 1976
Specified details
quantity 1 each
location Oishi City Mizusawa-ku Kuroishi Town Character Yamauchi
owner Kuroishi Temple
Holding group
Management organization Kuroishi Temple
home page Buddhist culture and Kuroishi Temple on the east coast of Kitakami River


Nikko Hagi Statue Height 100.0 cm.
Wooden, Hinoki, Yaki, lacquered finish.
There is a loss of lotus branch possessions and white birch, and the back is a supplement.
Moonlight 菩薩 Image height 101.0 cm.
Wooden, Hinoki, Yaki, lacquered finish.
It has a late lotus branch, with the white birch and both feet missing, and the back of the head as a late complement.
Both statues are in the same shape, holding the lotus branch with the bow of the left hand and hanging down the right hand.
The body part is cut in separate woods by cutting the back and forth, and the head is inserted in the back and forth.
Both arms clinch into shape.
The pedestals are both late lotus pedestals.
It is a work of the end of the Heian period, and although it is damaged, it is an inferable image of the original appearance.