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Pseudonym reading New Year's Eve
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date April 26, 1977
Specified details
quantity 2 bodies
location Ninohe City Johoji Town Oyama character Oyama Kubo
owner Tendai-ji Temple
Holding group
Management organization
home page Ninohe City (Hachihayama Tendaiji Temple)


The image height is 152.0 cm.
Wooden, Katsura, one wooden.
Clothing club bare wood smooth, but there is a flea mark that seems to be incomplete on both the front and back of the clothing part.
The image height is 149.0 cm.
Wooden, Katsura, one wooden.
Garlic part bare wood smooth, but there is a flea mark that seems to be incomplete between the chest, clothing sleeves and back.
The head of each pair is an unfinished product of howla.
The left wrist is lost, with the right arm slightly bent forward.
It is a work of Heian period, and is said to be a work of great illusion.
There is no wrist, and the seal is unknown, but it is considered to be two out of seven by "Seven Buddha Doctor's Pass".
From the top of the sculptural style, it is a bare wood and smooth finish.
It is a valuable source of the relation between the scripture and the faith and the year of the engraving edition, such as giving a simple style like a god statue sculpture and making you feel the precursor of a rose carving.