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Pseudonym reading New Year's Eve
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date December 4, 1981
Specified details
quantity 7 bodies
location Shiba Town Akazawa character Tanaka
owner Religious corporation
Holding group
Management organization
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The image height Nakakon 128.1 cm.
Side Buddha (1) 84.4 cm (2) 88.3 cm (3) 88.4 cm (4) 88.2 cm (5) 88.3 cm (6) 84.0 cm wooden Katsura lacquer foil and lacquer paint.
The image of the Seven Buddhas by "Seven Buddha Doctorate", in which the seven Buddha statues of the Seven Buddhas during the Heian period are almost complete, is less valuable nationwide.
In each statue, I put a haircut, put on a white rattan, put on an ear ring, three-way sculpted, and a coat on my shoulder, and stand up with both legs.
The Nakason sculpts from one material, inwards the head and body, applies a cover plate, and scoops both shoulder outer sides, hands and toes.
Surface lacquer foil, lacquered, both hands, feet, belongings, light back, pedestal is a supplement.
(However, the antipresence of the Nakason pedestal, leaving only the original ones of Marushima) All works from the late Heian period.