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Pseudonym reading In addition
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date August 27, 1991
Specified details
quantity 1 body
location Oshu-shi Esashi-ku Tahara character empty space storehouse
owner Ibaraki temple
Holding group
Management organization
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Image height 52.5 cm.
Wooden, Yosebo, carved eyes.
The material is hard to identify, but it is a style based on the form of the late folding style in the 14th century, such as the form of tying high heels and putting on the shoulder shoulders, and the fine round sword on the image surface It shows features that are typical of contemporary Buddha sculptures, such as a carved mouth, a gentle extension of the shoulder arc, and a human-looking look on the nose.
It is recognized that there is an increase in the number of Buddhas, such as the thick bows on both shoulders of the front bow and the bow of the costume line, and it is possible to know the movements of the Buddhists who played an active part from Meitoku to the Shonagas It is one of the valuable examples.
From the sumi inscription in the heart of the statue, it was found that the Great Buddha Buddhist monk had created an image in Meito 4 (1393) as the main honor of Yuseongsa Temple, which is the opening root of the disciple of the Shojoji Nii Tsukisen