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Pseudonym reading Japanese language school
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date May 10, 2011
Specified details
quantity 6 bodies
location Kuzumaki Town Kuzumaki
owner Religious corporation Houshiji
Holding group
Management organization
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It is a richly rich, regional, six-dimensional statue of the beauty of the region, with its distinctive and distinctive formality that draws on the tradition of Iwate's Buddhist statues of Katsura wood, solid wood, and ground finishing, without being bound by formal Buddha image rules.
St. Kannon Statue Statue Height 108 cm
Thousand Hand Kannon Statue Image Height 108 cm
Horsehead Kannon Statue Statue Height 107.5 cm
Eleven Kannon statue Standing height 108 cm
108.5 cm in height
Ruin ring Kannon standing image height 108.5 cm
What is characteristic of this group image is a very vulgar facial expression and clothing, especially an expression of the lower body, and each of the six bodies is devised to make it more ingenuity, one with two folds, one with two folds, one with left and right, It is different from the one that exposes the shin, asserting the individuality of each, and exudes glamorousness and harmony as a group image.