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Pseudonym reading Checklist
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date November 6, 2015
Specified details
quantity One boat
location Rikuzentakata City Yahagi-cho Jiji Temple
owner Religious corporation Kanonji
Holding group
Management organization
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It is the right image of the 3 vessels enshrined in Rikuzentakata city and Kannonji Kannon temple.
The main body is a single wooden frame, and its shape is an armed statue wearing armor, currently exceeding 2.67 m in height. The Armed Tenbe statue of this size is second only to the image of the important cultural property of Hanamaki City, Narushima Bishamondo Bisamon Temple. It is intended to show off the powerful power and presence of the statue of the armed arm, also showing a large head, a large head, a rich sense of volume in the abdomen and lower body, and a large swinging motion.
It is a work that should be evaluated as a representative of the coastal area of Iwate Prefecture, where examples of ancient sculptures were smaller compared to inland areas, as in the case of the wooden six-sided eleven-sided Kannon statue.