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Pseudonym reading Check List
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Sculpture
Designated date November 14, 2017
Specified details
quantity One boat
location Ichinoseki City Senjocho
owner Religious corporation Daikoji
Holding group
Management organization
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It is 156.4 centimeters in height at the image height of 156.4 centimeters with the head facing the front with the right shoulder and waist slightly on the right shoulder and waist. It is twisted diagonally forward. With both eyes open, put on the sore root and seal, close the mouth, bite the lower lip, raise the lower right fangs, and lower the left upper fangs. The right arm bends its elbow and holds a three-pointed sword in front of it, and the left arm hangs down and holds the cord.
High waist and slender body, large size meat in the face part, no expression of rage, show the style of the end of Heian period (12th century), the head body stern is one material before and after the tears Also from the production technique consisting of two standard materials, this image is regarded as a valuable existence that shows the historical culture of the present Iwate prefecture area as an example whose production goes back to the Heian period.
This image is an image based on the traditional recognition of the Buddha statue, while adopting the advanced techniques developed in Hiraizumi at the time, and the contact and fusion of old and new culture, the way of spreading of the new culture, etc. It is a valuable entity that shows the diverse cultural situation in Iwate Prefecture.
In addition, there is something in common between the main statue and Moshi-ji's bronze statue impassive king statue of Moshi-ji and both eyes in common.