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Pseudonym reading Kiritakemon Ayake Jokesa
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date October 27, 1972
Specified details
quantity 1 territory
location Oishi City Mizusawa-ku Kuroishi Town Character Shohoji
owner Shohoji
Holding group
Management organization
home page Oshu City (Mizusawa Roman)


Attached package tear etc. Collected accessories bulk left 135.0 cm.
111.6 cm right.
Width 317.0 cm.
The central part is a nine-necked cocoon with a slightly smaller height, with wooden balustrade plain silk, streaks, leaves, green, horns, silk cords, Scorpio stitched with Shichitake Bunsu, and some parts of the Tanfa part It is given a bribe.
There are 6 pieces of salmon.
Sesame for the third row from the right, and sew the leash for the fourth row from the left in the same way.
Agate is made of 2 layers of wooden octagon, and flour is poured on a black lacquered land to draw flower beads, and finished with gold mud.
Accessories 1 Cleavage 1 sheet 110 cm, width 33.5 cm.
Four yellow and white green yellow ground, four white square flat silk clefts are aligned at the center.
The central part sews circular cocoon yellow silk on a thin red square fissure, and further sews it on a white green cloud green dragon gold metal.
2 1 package tear 135 cm long and 33.5 cm wide.
The surface is yellowish on the back, and the back and the edge are yellowish silk silk moth tailoring.
Attach a tie.
3 One burlap bag 1 141 cm long and 33.2 cm wide.
Fold the lower part with surface white hemp, green thin yellow silk, back yellow silk, sew the edges together, sew the 卍 character over the white background with the Basho gold-in-the-wall, and attach a tie to the important point.
4 pieces of 2 pieces 包 made, 水 文 流 面 木, back silk plain weave.
(1) Tobun-shaped vertical 97.5 cm, horizontal 92 cm.
(2) The cylindrical back 34.2 cm, width 30 cm.
5 Furoshiki One piece 58cm long, 59cm wide.
Tailor-made, Obihiro Oochi, Peony Kamekko Matsuma plum bastard bowl Bumkin Kin, Ura incense plain silk.
Produced during the North and South Dynasty.
The silk-stitched silk-stitched edifice is a distinctive feature of the medieval period, and it is a distinctive feature of the Middle Ages. There is a story that it is a tradition costume of).