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Pseudonym reading How are you
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date February 15, 1974
Specified details
quantity 1 bit
location Ninohe City Johoji Town Oyama character Oyama Kubo
owner Tendai-ji Temple
Holding group
Management organization
home page Ninohe City (Hachihayama Tendaiji Temple)


Shoulder line diameter 52.5 cm.
Outer zone outer wire diameter 37.3 cm.
Inner zone outer wire diameter 17.5 cm.
Outer diameter 9.8 cm.
Made of cast copper, double-sided.
There is the next casting inscription.
In the upper part of the outskirts area, "Bong", to the right, "Dadanha Gen Nobuyuki Sori Yori □ (Don)" Two left "Shokai □ (Pair) 18 years of great talent □ (癸) 夘 May 2 (four) Carpenter □ (Sheng) Heavy, Uchi-ku (Mei-ku) “Tendai” at the top, “Tera Hagiguchi” on the right, Tendai-ji Den period fixtures, work of Shohei 18 (1363).
It is large and old-fashioned.
Besides, it is an important material to know the trend of Tsugaru in the South-Northern Era and the southern part (Nobuyuki) in the Ninohe region.