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Pseudonym reading め が が さ ん
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date March 4, 1975
Specified details
quantity 1 bit
location Kitakami city Wakamachi Iwasaki
owner Oikawa Heavy Army E
Holding group
Management organization
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The 3 years to 8: 8 cm.
Warpage 3.6 cm.
The structure is wide, with a wide tread, strong treads on the waist, and a strong waist warp.
The tip is a small break destination.
The ground is a small pile of moonlight, the blade is small, the blade is uniform, the small boiling is thick, the edge is loose, and the gold is mixed.
The cutting edge is swept away and burned.
The stem is raw.
Mark "Tsukiyama" in the table, and "Tsunaga August 3rd" in the table.
(The font is thin.
) The point is rising up the blade Kurijiri, the eye drop is selfish.
Tsukiyama is a sword craftsman who lived on the east side of Tsukiyama in Deba-gun (Yamagata Prefecture), and its origin is old, and it is inscribed as "Tsukiyama" from generation to generation.
The inscription of this school is seen in the works from the middle of Muromachi.
This sword's Tomonaga 3rd year (1396) is the oldest in the work.
It is preserved in a relatively healthy state, and is a work that clearly shows the characteristics of the Moon Mountain School and the periodality of the Eunian period.