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Pseudonym reading New Year's Eve New Year's Day
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date March 23, 1976
Specified details
quantity 1 bit
location Morioka Ehime-cho
owner Sakurayama Shrine
Holding group
Management organization
home page


文 元 月 August 謹 辰.
99.1 cm in length.
Warp 4.2 cm.
It is a wide-ranging, thick, highly warped sword with a wide range of constructions, moats and ridges.
The cutting tip is jam-shaped.
Forging is a good eye for skin, a flow of paper, a blade with a wide straight blade, and small feet.
The cutting edge is Daimaru.
The stem is raw and long.
There is one eye nail hole.
Make the above inscription on the front and back.
The work of the original sentence original year (1736).
Yoshimasa is the third generation of Shindo family.
This sword is a large sword close to 1 m, and it can be jumbled, yet it is healthy and its appearance is good.
A sword is a sword with a handle wrapped in a winding thread, and the sheath is black lacquered, and the whole metal fittings are silver plated with sungauge.
Put a mochi-shaped large bowl.
It lacks a part of the foot metal as well as the winding of the cross winding.
It is imagined that the burdock is red moth, and the thread winding on it is moth-yellow and initially quite brilliant.
It may be a dedication from a senior citizen to celebrate the construction of Awaji Maru Daimyojin (now Sakurayama Shrine).