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Pseudonym reading Whether you are a person or a person
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date March 23, 1976
Specified details
quantity 1 bit
location Morioka City Ueda Matsuyashiki
owner Iwate Prefecture
Holding group
Management organization
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Culture: February 3rd, Sword Engraved: Nichisui, Yukiichi Sekisui, 45.5 cm in length.
Warpage 0.6 cm.
Front-facing, back-cutting, round building.
Wide body, the ground is small plate, with boiling.
The blade statement is a disorder of the eyes of a small leaning tone, the upper half is scorched.
The sand flows deep and the gold streaks.
The cutting edge is Daimaru.
The above inscription is engraved on the blade.
The production age is 3 years of culture (1806), and the author is Masashige Yamagata.
Masashige is a person from Harima Kunishiki (Himeji), who insisted that he was in syllabary in 1789, and received Kai Mamoru in 1803.
He was good at baking large-hatch blades in a wide blade.
The third year of culture (1806) was the creator 47 years old, and the client Takamura Tamura was 20 years old.