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Pseudonym reading The Holy Father's Day
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date April 26, 1977
Specified details
quantity 1 bit
location Hiraizumi-cho Hiraizumi character clothing
owner Dai Chojuin
Holding group
Management organization
home page Hiraizumi's cultural heritage


52.0 cm in length.
Warpage (current) 0.6 cm.
Flat, wide, large step, slightly warped.
The stalk is warped at the point of contact with the blade.
The tip of the stem is bent like a hand.
A long, wide beak is carved in the center of the stem and a hole is made in the center of the stem.
It is a tailoring of a stem or handle.
The entire sword is rusted and ingrained.
A part of the body is polished, and if you look at that place, the forging of the ground will be large grain, skin, and rough.
The blade statement is unknown.
Unlike the usual formula in which the stem is inserted into the stem, this cross sword is a stem with the handle as it is.
The production age is in the early Heian period.
It is a valuable material in the history of swords that shows the shape of the transition period from a straight sword to a sword (a sword with a camber), and there are very few remaining examples of this.
It is reported that it is for the evil road royal site.