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Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Building
Designated date February 9, 2016
Specified details
quantity 6 buildings (main store, front gate, Nanzo, Kitakura, Yonekura, Shirokura)
location Shiwa-gun Shiwa-cho Hiseul Koriyama Station
owner Individual, Shiha Town
Holding group
Management organization
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The Hirai family lived in the area since the early Edo period, and worked on brewing and mine management in modern times. The main house is a building of the Taisho 10-year period, with a traditional flat surface between Mise and Street, but with an open exterior with many glass windows, a high quality customer service space such as a large grand hall on the second floor, and a rich variety The features of modern times can be seen on the roof and so on.
The main house of Hirai's house is a building with a clear construction age and scale. Modern designs and methods have been introduced everywhere while inheriting the local tradition to the plan and construction method, and it is highly valuable as an excellent Japanese style architecture. In addition, there are buildings that show modern development, such as traditional warehouses and brick warehouses coexisting, and the site is surrounded by brickhouses that are conscious of fire prevention, so that preservation is combined with the land. is there.