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Pseudonym reading Ginhon Kozane Murasaki Ii and Toshio Shii
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date October 3, 1980
Specified details
quantity 1 device
location Morioka Ueda Matsuya Riku, large sleeves, accessories
owner Iwate Prefecture
Holding group
Management organization
home page Iwate Prefectural Museum (Ginbon Kippu Shiitei two tool legs)


Total height 123.3 cm.
Waist height 42.8 cm.
Body width 35.6 cm.
Body thickness 30.3 cm.
There are 2 cylinders, 5 stages of impact cylinders, 7 stages of 1 large sleeve, and 5 stages of throat ring.
The leather shop is flower-bun-dye, and the metal fittings are carafe-bent carvings in a copper-and-copper fish area.
The metal fittings of the circle are 緒, and the cord is purple thread.
The bowl is oblate, the cheek is black lacquered, with a white bowl, and the bowl is a silver book note, 5 steps.
The production age is in the middle of the Edo period.
It is said that it is worn by trunks in the southern family tradition.
Silver book small bill (leather leather small note on silver.
) Is a perfect two-toner tool that harmonizes well with the threat of purple thread.
The work is excellent, brow and beautiful.