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Pseudonym reading General Information
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date October 3, 1980
Specified details
quantity 1 bit
location Morioka City Ueda Matsuyashiki
owner Iwate Prefecture
Holding group
Management organization
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63.1 cm in length.
Warpage 1.8 cm.
It is forged, forged, and full width, and the tip is center cut, and warpage is normal.
The ground is large grained, with a thick skin, small grained eyes, and browsing from the brow muscle.
The blade is a wide straight blade with a small boiling point and the blade edge is loose.
The blade of the cutting tip is a small circle with a squiggly stick, and it is a turning.
The stems are raw, one eye nail hole, and Dazai on the surface of the finger, and inscribed as "Mr. Shinto".
Production is the work of Yoshikuni Shinto in the middle of the Edo period.
The country of the second generation Shindo family has few examples.
The main sword is a representative work with good looks and sound.
Yoshikuni, who followed the family general in 1299 (1699), died in 1530 (1730), but did not see the work of the year.