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Pseudonym reading Kinso Kamon Diversifications
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date October 3, 1980
Specified details
quantity 1 strike
location Tono City Higashikancho
owner Sasaki Mio
Holding group
Management organization
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Shimeimei Tsurusai (Hana-zushi) 93.2 cm in length.
Pattern length 24.6 cm.
Sheath length 66.7 cm.
The handle is white rattan wrapped, whipped, Amenuki is circled to Gouzuru-bunde, the sheath is divided horizontally into three divisions, the upper and lower are Rikoji, the center is a thin sheet of iron-cutting wood, Riko Shichibu scatters gold leaves in the Sankei crest of a southern house such as a crane.
The chopsticks are in the form of a weight, and with plating, the footings are double-legged, and the belts are yamagata.
A total of metal fittings such as head, rim, mouth, coffin, band card, foot metal, etc., sculpt the above-mentioned three family crests on a fisheye site.
It is a work of the late Edo period, and there is an inscription of "閑 鶴 (花 鞘 鞘 梨)" in the ridge part of the sheath.
It is a representative example of the Edo-Tate of the gold-dresser Monden produced during this period, and is a complete product.
It was a samurai sword in the southern part of Risei <59-year-old (1855) died in 1855).
Prefecture designation