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Pseudonym reading Each one for Minamoto
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date October 3, 1980
Specified details
quantity 1 sheet
location Tono City Higashikancho
owner Sasaki Mio
Holding group
Management organization
home page


My name is 歳 (花).
7.3 cm in height.
Side 7.0 cm.
0.5 cm thick.
朧, 形, 縄 (jointly made).
With a large sculpture and gold, raw copper, bronze, and other inlaids, I harden my body in the armor, hold a large bow and wear it on the beach in the morning (place Genji Ryudon's crest on clothes) and three fishermen Table) represents one fisherman (back) sitting on the back of a huge rock.
It is a figure of the morning drifting salmon for the source which arranged some flying birds in the sky and shellfish in the sandy beach.
Both pits are filled with gold.
It is a work of the late Edo period, and its creator, Toshiya Saito, was a metalworker of Morioka Sakai.
The inscription is, "Aren't you too old?"
We place waves of high relief and line engraving in a silver-black place, and arrange color gold of several kinds and make a person, a rock, a pine, an island, a shell, etc. inlaid, and add eyes to sky clouds, etc. He uses various techniques to construct the figure cleverly.