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Pseudonym reading Parent's family member
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date October 3, 1980
Specified details
quantity 1 bit
location Oshu-shi Esashi-ku Tahara letter large day
owner Koji Sato
Holding group
Management organization
home page Oshu City (Esashi Cultural Property)


65.8 cm in length.
Warpage 1.3 cm.
There is a step on the lower back of the fortress, the moat, and a wide body.
The tip is center cut, and the warp is normal.
The ground crosses in a small grid, the blades are broken of boiling, the tip of the cutting edge is indented, slightly pushed up and the small circle returns slightly deeper.
The stems are raw, two eye nail holes, and in the central area, they are inscribed as "Shintogen Kuniyoshi".
Produced during the Edo period.
It is an outstanding work that is a work by Chuo Shinto Kuniyoshi in the middle.