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Pseudonym reading じ ゃ じ ん ぬ だ し ょ う し ょ う し ょ う し ょ う
Specified type Prefecture designation
Type Craft
Designated date December 4, 1981
Specified details
quantity 1 waist
location Morioka
owner Seinosuke Nakano
Holding group
Management organization
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Total length (large) 92.8 cm, (small) 65.5 cm.
Author's metal fittings: Gen Chisumi, Tachibana Koie era Edo era sheath with powder of malachite powder from China specially produced in the land on one side, so that the representative metal craftsmanship of our country, Tachibana Koya created uniforms and black beans The equipment which arranged the design is arranged.
It is said that it was made by the life of the 38th Southern Teiji, as it is a large and small match.