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Pseudonym reading How are you doing?
Specified type Country designated / important cultural property
Type Building
Designated date February 23, 2017
Specified details
quantity 21 buildings (headquarters office, headquarters first warehouse, headquarters second warehouse, horseback riding club, club,
The first cowhouse, the second cowhouse, the third cowhouse, the fourth cowhouse, the stall bullhouse,
Cattle breeding department, No. 1 silo, No. 2 silo, weighing station, refrigerator,
Four-storey warehouse, onion hut, plow part warehouse)
location Iwate-gun Shizukuishimachi Marutani
owner Koiwai Noki Co., Ltd.
Holding group
Management organization
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Koiwai Farm is the largest private integrated farm in Japan, and was established by Masaru Inoue in 1872 aiming at a full-scale western farm. The buildings are concentrated in the following three areas: General Affairs Division's lower circle, Cattle raising division's upper circle, and feed production area Nakamaru with a tillage section.
Farm facilities are the basic facilities of farms established aiming at Western-style farms, and are actively constructed by introducing the latest technology of each era, such as headquarters office, cow barns, silos and four-storey warehouses.
A series of buildings showing improved farm facilities are preserved in good condition, and it is an important facility to understand the development process of modern farms in our country.