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Pseudonym reading It's a dream come true
Specified type
Type Craft
Designated date September 4, 1984
Specified details
quantity 1 territory
location Ebari Tsubakimachi
owner Eiji Muraki
Holding group
Management organization
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Overall height 69.2 cm.
兜 三 三 方 方.
Body book small bill 緋 毛 2 piece body.
Period Edo period early Edo period.
In the middle of the Edo period.
Using a small bill with a two-body plug foot with a plug holder, the power of the cocoon also follows the old style by the coat, and the whole has been unified.
There is something that should be viewed as a tool of the present age that inherited the old style of the mid-Edo period work.
In addition, it is also valuable, complete with scissors, cheeks, sleeves, gloves, scissors, and shins.